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Security bollards are a great addition to your security portfolio. Whether fixed, manual or automatic, they allow you to control access to specific areas in and around your building. Auing bollards are an increasingly common sight in the UK as security technology and culture has developed. From schools to shopping centres, government buildings to palaces, bollards are a common feature of modern-day society. 

Remember that access control doesn’t have to be limited to obvious access points such as doors and windows; it can also encompass the regulation and restriction of access to roads or walkways people use to reach your premises.

Incorporating bollards can provide a huge boost to your building’s physical security, by allowing you to limit and controlbunauthorised vehicle and personnel movement, whether at a distance from your premises, or in the immediate area.

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Fixed bollards

A familiar site in our towns and cities for many years, fixed bollards perform a variety of functions. In urbanised areas, they protect pedestrians and shop fronts from road traffic; they provide a clear, visual boundary between footpaths and roads helping to prevent unnecessary accidents or deliberate attacks by those intent on committing crime and they can be used to light up pathways.  

Our fixed bollards can be manufactured in galvanized steel and in which case, would be crash-resistant at speeds up to 50mph. If digging full foundations suitable for retractable bollards is not an option, we would wholeheartedly recommend fixed bollards.

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Retractable or rising bollards

As with fixed bollards, retractable bollards are ideal for preventing accidental or deliberate vehicle collision with physical assets such as walls, windows and doors. They effectively limit vehicle proximity with your building and manage pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Retractable bollards fit to roads or pavements and rise up out of the ground using electronics and hydraulic systems. This makes them well-suited to quick response situations, where you are able to alter an access path immediately according to the context.

They can easily be integrated with existing security features such as rising arm barriers or gates. In fact they are ideal for integration within a whole automated security system.

Silver Group provides a range of retractable bollards, each designed for different needs. You can choose from a variety of access control options including:

  • Access card
  • Keypad
  • Radio control
  • Token
  • Push button
  • Intercom
  • Induction loop

Semi-automatic bollards

As the name suggests, neither manual nor fully automatic, semi-automatic bollards are perfect for situations where power is not available, either through lack of infrastructure or the position of your bollards. These bollards use a gas spring mechanism which, when released, raises the bollard from its retracted position. They are suitable in similar scenarios to fully automatic bollards, but provide a back-up option when power cannot be guaranteed.  

Lift-assisted bollards

Similar in function to semi-automatic bollards, lift-assisted bollards offer a more cost-effective solution. They are ideal for low-risk scenarios where access control is still required such as driveways and private parking areas. The integrated gas mechanism allows the user to raise the bollards with minimal effort required.  

Manual telescopic bollards

Also perfect for office buildings and parking spaces, manual telescopic bollards offer DIY access control at a price that’s truly affordable. Choose from fold-down posts to more heavy duty telescopic posts, all available with secure, integrated locking mechanisms.  

Integrating your security
At Silver Group, we’re committed to providing the best automated security solutions available. Where appropriate, using bollards along with other access control equipment is the ideal way to maximise your building’s safety.  

No problem, we can maintain and even upgrade it for you. 

At Silver Group, we offer a FREE review of your existing equipment. You can rest assured that you will receive the best advice from our highly qualified experts who have years of experience in security solutions. Rest assured that your safety comes before the sale at Silver Group. 

We identify  all security risks and agree the roles of people in and around your business.
We design  a system that allows seamless movement throughout your business by controlling access paths and restrictions.
We track and record  this information for review in the event of a security breach.

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With our range of access control systems, you are truly in control of who comes and goes. From bollards to high-tech smartphone technology, you can choose what’s right for your business.


No business is fully protected without CCTV. Today’s security cameras are more sophisticated than ever and can be controlled remotely from the palm of your hand. 


Intercoms are a years-old, tried and tested security measure, now overlaid with features that makes them perfect for the modern world. Take a look at how today’s intercoms can help secure a building.


Gates, barriers and turnstiles act as an excellent perimeter defence for your business. They are also an ideal crowd control measure in situations which require it.

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