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We know how tough it can be for electrical contractors wanting to grow their business. You may well get asked to quote for larger more complex security, fire or smoke ventilation systems. Yes, you have done some smaller basic installs before, but these larger ones may be out of your comfort zone. 

Perhaps you have a client who requires a smoke ventilation system or AOV (Automatic Opening Vent) to be fitted? These are complicated systems and require detailed knowledge for correct installation, not to mention to very strict rules and regulations which must be obeyed. 

So, the problem is that if you can’t undertake this work, your client will have to approach a competitor and so you risk not only losing these very lucrative contracts but future ones also. Just imagine the lost revenue for you! 

Let us help you! If you want to pitch for such work, talk to us. We can work with you to design and plan the right solution for your client. With our buying power, we can get you the best deals on the equipment required. In fact, not only are our prices for SE Controls components extremely competitive, some parts you can only source from Certified Partners such as ourselves. You then go ahead and fit the solutions whether fire, smoke ventilation or security but if you have any problems, we’re always nearby to assist you. 

In the case of the AOVs and smoke ventilation solutions we can commission it for you, ensuring the correct legally required, certifications for the client are complete, meeting today’s compliance requirements. 

Real life example:

Recently an electrical contractor approached us as they needed to supply the AOV systems to a block of 28 luxury flats as part of the complete electrical installation contract. The construction company specified that they only wanted a single sub-contractor and so without Silver Group, the electrical contractors would have had to walk away from the very lucrative contract. Silver Group joined them for all site meetings ensuring that the correct solution was designed, installed and final certification was supplied.

The final value of the contract to that electrical contractor was in excess of £200,000. And for them it has since led onto similar contracts with that same construction company. Just from us supporting them.

How does it work?

Well, like the best things in life, we’ve kept it nice and simple. First step, is to call or email our office, let’s have a chat to see how we can help you win more work! Remember though this deal is all about your business remaining your business, Silver Group are here merely to help and assist you grow your business winning work you wouldn’t normally win. Think of us of your trusted sub-contractor.

Missing out on some lucrative contracts? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re here to help you. Call 0800 083 0131 or email