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In some buildings, a basic fire alarm system is not sufficient.

While sounders alert those in the vicinity to smoke or fire, it’s not a foolproof warning system. If you need enhanced protection, we recommend fire alarm monitoring.

When you choose this type of system, you’ll be linked directly to a remote monitoring station, offering round-the-clock protection, should you need it.
Fire Alarm Monitoring 1 – Silver Group

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How does remote monitoring work?

If your premises are unoccupied after business hours or long-term vacant, what happens if fire breaks out? A basic alarm system should detect smoke or heat and sound an alarm but there’s no guarantee the alarm will be heard.

You’ll want to protect your business infrastructure and possessions – that’s where remote monitoring makes the difference. Sensors located around the building detect heat or smoke and trigger an alarm. The alarm is received by a monitoring station who verify the incident (to ensure it’s not a false alarm) and immediately alert the fire brigade to the incident; simultaneously, the alarm’s control panel sends an alert to an operator enabling them to identify the fire’s location and pass on this important information to the emergency services.

At the Silver Group, we work with the UK’s largest supplier of independent monitoring, Southern Monitoring. Their monitoring technology ranges from single alarm monitoring to more complex integrated services combining multiple alarms and control panels in large buildings.

Fire Alarm Monitoring 1 – Silver Group

What other monitoring services do WE offer?

We work in fire safety AND security and we offer a range of monitoring services straddling both sectors. We’re also one of the only UK suppliers to offer fully integrated security systems – meaning your technology can ‘communicate’ and work together when needed, to offer you full protection.

Fire Alarm Monitoring 1 – Silver Group

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms (also known as burglar alarms) are still one of the first lines of defence for commercial and residential buildings.

When an alarm is raised, an operator at the monitoring station is alerted. They will then contact the building owner or someone else who’s been delegated as having responsibility. This person may also be known as the key holder. Any alarm activation is relayed to the key holder.

As the key holder, you may also choose to be notified if the alarm is switched on or off outside agreed times. Let’s look at an example of how this might work. Say you have an employee who regularly enters your building at 7.30am and routinely disables the alarm. If one day, he does that at 7am instead, you can choose to be notified. You’ll receive an email and a back-up phone call to make sure you’re aware.

You might choose a package which also includes a police response if you feel it’s appropriate for your business.

Fire Alarm Monitoring 2 – Silver Group

CCTV monitoring

Through our partnerships with the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of security technology, we can also offer you CCTV monitoring, both reactive and proactive. Reactive CCTV monitoring means someone responds to a trigger which has been set off by a disturbance. This doesn’t mean you’ll constantly be bothered with false alarms. Modern CCTV technology is so advanced that it can distinguish between people, vehicles and animals. You can also decide how to set up your system so that the alerts are sent when needed.

Proactive monitoring involves operators observing a remote live feed whenever you need them to (usually out of hours). They will respond to anything they see on-site and report directly to a named contact, either the key holder, an on-site security guard or the police.

Fire Alarm Monitoring 3 – Silver Group

Site Secure

Not every building has CCTV and some are not suitable (those under construction or in remote places without power supplies). So, we’re pleased to be able to offer a wireless video alarm system which works anywhere, no matter the existing infrastructure. All that’s needed is a GRPS network and you’re good to go. It’s called Site Secure.

Site Secure offers all the benefits of round the clock CCTV monitoring without the investment. Using infrared technology, when someone (or something) moves and trips a sensor, digital cameras automatically start recording. An operator at a remote monitoring station is alerted; they will then verify the footage is a real emergency and not a false alarm. As with the CCTV monitoring, the operator can notify the key holder or the police.

What are the benefits of remote monitoring?

How likely is your business to recover quickly after a fire? Statistics vary but the likelihood is average to low. Even more worrying, you could fail to reopen altogether if the fire were devastating. Fire has a major impact on business continuity which shouldn’t be underestimated.

Coupled with the fact that empty buildings are attractive to vandals and arsonists, you can easily see why a rapid response to fire is a sensible precaution to take.

Connecting your fire alarm to a monitoring centre gives you peace of mind when your building is empty. You are ensured a speedy response from the emergency services 24/7. What could have been a devastating fire tearing through your business premises can be turned into a manageable situation, minimising damage and loss.


Fire Alarm installation

Fire alarm installation protects you and others from the serious risk of smoke and fire. With years of experience on our side, we can expertly guide you through the process.


Take care of your fire alarms and they’ll take care of you, for years to come. Our technicians are highly skilled in fire alarm maintenance and will keep you and your business protected 24/7.


It’s never too late to take care of your fire risk assessment. Without one, you are vulnerable to business disruption or worse still, prosecution, if a fire on your premises breaks out.

Fire extinguisher supply

Many small fires can be quickly extinguished but only with the right equipment to hand. Install our fire extinguishers and you have a good chance of preventing loss of life and disruption to your business.

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