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Fire Alarms

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The right fire alarms can save lives and minimise damage.

Detecting a fire before it has the chance to take hold, anyone in the building has a better chance of evacuating safely.

Furthermore, note the use of the word ‘right’. It’s important to distinguish which fire detection system is right for your premises. That’s where we can help.

Fire alarms must be designed and installed according to British Standards. If you’re a business owner, you will by law, be the ‘responsible person’. You have a legal duty to ensure your business has an appropriate fire alarm system in place.

Apart from this, you’ll also need to properly maintain the fire alarm to remain compliant. We know that sounds daunting, don’t worry. We’re here to hold your hand through the entire process.

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What fire alarm experience do Silver Group have?

We’re the market leaders in fire safety. Not only that but, we hold the highest accreditation’s within the industry, BAFE and BSI for fire alarm systems.

BAFE is an independent register of fire safety providers. Along with being highly regarded for its third party accreditation scheme. They audit us regularly. This ensures the quality of our technical expertise and service is always at the top of the game.

In addition, we’re monitored by the BSI Group (the British Standards Institution), highly regarded for their standards and codes of practice across a wide range of industry sectors.

Furthermore, what does this mean for you? Above all, as a BAFE/BSI accredited supplier, we can design, install, monitor and maintain your fire alarm system to the highest standards within the UK.

Most importantly, we can:

  • Ensure your business is fully compliant
  • Make sure people on your premises are protected should fire break out
  • You’re fully insured and covering your legal duties as the responsible person

What are the benefits of a quality fire alarm system?

  • High-performance sensors and the latest technology provide the quickest rate of fire detection
  • Monitored systems connect to emergency services through a remote monitoring team
  • 24/7 response team for assistance and system faults
  • Reduce false alarms with up-to-date technology.  False alarms can lead to complacency and increased risk in the event of a real fire
  • Dual power supplies to ensure a reliable detection system during power failure
  • Intelligent control panel to easily identify the exact point of fire, allowing efficient evacuation and immediate action where required to protects life, assets and minimise damage
  • Reliable equipment and comprehensive installation, testing, commissioning, and servicing including extinguishers and fire blankets
  • Fire alarms are installed to BS5839 and emergency lighting is installed to BS5266 (the appropriate standards within the Code of Practice for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for buildings)

How do I choose the right fire alarm?

Without a doubt, having no knowledge of fire alarm technology, the choice can feel overwhelming. We can break it down for you and help you to identify the right fire alarm system for your premises.

Here’s an overview of the types of alarm system we can fit for you.

Standard fire alarm

Consider this our entry-level range. These alarms are a great fit for a building which is assessed as low risk. A standard alarm attracts attention to an incident and it can be linked to additional security alarm systems if required.

Monitored fire alarm

As the name suggests, these systems link directly to a remote monitoring station and offer unparalleled protection. We use the UK’s largest supplier of independent monitoring, Southern Monitoring.

When fire is detected, the alarm immediately alerts the fire brigade to the incident.  Simultaneously, a control panel in the building provides an operator with the exact location of the incident in the building, allowing for quick and effective action.

VESDA aspirating system

This system offers unmatched sensitivity and early detection in the event of fire.  It uses continuous air sampling technology which extracts and analyses the air within the building to identify potential threats. Smoke is a primary cause of fire-related deaths. This system detects smoke more rapidly than a traditional smoke detector.
The VESDA system is cost effective to maintain and test. It’s therefore ideal for larger premises where access may be difficult

Integrated security & maintenance

One of our key USPs is that, unlike traditional fire safety suppliers, we can integrate different fire, smoke ventilation and security systems.  Fire safety systems can be integrated with access control or smoke ventilation to provide a comprehensive solution. As well as that, saving you the expense and effort of sourcing more than one supplier. Our engineers and security experts are here to offer you advice and provide a bespoke service for all aspects of your safety and security.

Want to know more about Fire Alarms?

For a greater understanding about fire alarms and why you must have them, take a look at helpful resources.

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Additional service you may require

Fire extinguisher supply

Many small fires can be quickly extinguished but only with the right equipment to hand. Install our fire extinguishers and you have a good chance of preventing loss of life and disruption to your business.

Emergency lighting installation

Essential for successful evacuations, we design and install emergency lighting tailored to your needs. If emergency strikes, you can rest assured that our lights will guide the way to safety.

Fire door inspection

Fire doors are one of the most important tools in your fire protection arsenal. The right door can protect building inhabitants until emergency services arrive. They really are the difference between life and death.

Smoke Ventilation installation

Smoke is the largest cause of death in fire-related events. Installing a smoke ventilation system means you can fight fire from the outset, often before it’s detected by alarms or humans. 

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