Making sure fire doors close freely

How many times do you see fire doors propped open by a door stop, may be a chair or worse, a fire extinguisher? Or equally a fire door is blocked or locked closed?

The fire door must be able be free to allow easy, unhindered evacuation in the event of a fire. Therefore the mechanism free and lubricated well (as per the manufacturers recommendations). But in the event of the fire it, must close freely and with the intumescent seal preventing smoke and fire passing. (Though this will depend on the application required by the fire door.)

If a fire door does need to be held open, there are correct methods to hold them open. Magnetic door holders or “dorguards” can be fitted by Silver Group. These hold the door open but automatically close (without human interaction) in the event of a fire.


What is an intumescent door strip or seal?

The intumescent door strip is fitted all around the door edges along the sides and top. When cold they will not interfere with the door opening and closing. However, if heat is applied, they expand creating a seal between the door and frame preventing smoke from passing through.

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