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Hitchin Rd luton
  • ClientE7 Building Services
  • ServiceSmoke Ventilation, Intercoms, Fire Alarms
  • CategoryCase Study
  • CompletedAugust 2017
  • TagsSmoke Ventilation, Intercoms, Fire Alarms

Hitchin Road

Smoke Ventilation, Intercoms, Fire Alarms

E7 Building Services (part of the Jarvis group of companies) were awarded the role of sub-contractor by Key Partnership Homes to provide the necessary electrical systems for a complex of 97 apartments being built on behalf of Paradigm Housing Association.

The Challenge
Fitting the fire alarms for the bin stores and plant rooms as well as all the electro-magnets for the fire doors within the communal areas across the two blocks was relatively straight forward. Although the intercoms for all 97 apartments and door entry system was a little more involved, particularly since there were 9 entrances to be connected to the intercom system, giving each door the required independent unlocking, this still did not pose much of an issue with expertise of Silver Group.

However the bigger challenge would be with the smoke ventilation system. Due to current building regulations with regard to fire safety, it is necessary to have suitable systems to vent smoke out of the building in the event of a fire. According to Home Office figures, smoke accounts for almost 80% of all fire related deaths in the UK. These new systems require detailed specialist knowledge in ensuring they are installed and operationally correct. For these buildings in particular, it was more complicated as there were multiple corridors and stairwells over the two blocks.

The Silver Group Difference
Having successfully worked closely with Jarvis and E7 Building Services on previous projects, Silver Group were the natural choice for the installation of fire alarms, intercom systems and automatic opening ventilation systems (AOVs). In fact, Silver Group are one of the only companies in the UK that specialise in smoke ventilation, fire safety and security systems and so therefore are able to provide a truly integrated solution.

A state of the art stairwell and corridor ventilation system was installed which included window actuators, opening roof vents and OS2 Control system. In the event of a fire, the windows and vents would open allowing smoke to exit the building and so vastly improving occupants visibility and ventilation as well as significantly aiding the fire-fighters.

In addition, this particular ventilation system was also connected to thermostats to allow the windows to open during warmer weather to cool the communal areas and with rain sensors placed on the roof ensuring they are closed during precipitation.

Benefits of Automatic Opening Ventilation systems are:
• Improved smoke ventilation
• Improved cost efficiency
• Improved energy efficiency
• Improved natural ventilation
• Stronger all-round fire safety and security system
• Easier fire and rescue access

The Results
All intercoms, fire alarms, door magnets and AOV systems have been installed, tested by Silver Group and are fully operational to the exacting requirements of E7 Building Services and Key Partnership Homes. The completed buildings themselves have now been handed over to Paradigm Housing Association creating new homes for many families in Luton

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