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Mortlake House AOV window installation
  • ClientLondon Crystal Building Ltd
  • ServiceSmoke Ventilation, AOV Window Combination
  • CategorySmoke Ventilation, AOV Window Combination
  • CompletedDecember 2018
  • TagsSmoke Ventilation, AOV Window Combination

Mortlake House, Chiswick

Smoke Ventilation, AOV Window Combination

Mortlake House is situated on the Chiswick High Road in London W4. The building which was recently refurbished with a two storey extension providing an additional eight luxury apartments to the existing 5 storeys.

As part of the life-saving fire safety systems for high rise residential building, a suitable smoke ventilation system had to be installed. The requirements for smoke control in new and refurbished buildings are detailed here

In this particular development it was necessary to replace the existing windows on each of the floor corridors to those that are fully tested to the legislative compliance. Often developers are aware of the basic AOV requirements but believe, quite wrongly, that they simply need to install actuators to the existing (untested) windows. This is not the case, not only must the opening of the window/vent meet the aerodynamic free area required for that particular location, but also the window/vent and actuator be fully tested together.

Fortunately, with our strategic partnership with A-Plus windows (who like Silver Group are Certified Partners of SE Controls) as well as our own in-house smoke control specialist, Silver Group were ideally placed to assist the developer and provide the best solution ensuring their complete compliance to the necessary regulations. Having fully assessed the property we were able to provide the replacement windows with actuators pre-fitted in the required window profile. Crucially this window and actuator combination having been rigorously tested by SE Controls to ensure they exceed the requirements of British standard EN12101.

If you are a property developer and need assistance on ensuring your property will meet the stringent building regulations with regards to fire safety especially for the life-saving smoke ventilation systems, please contact Silver Group today on 0800 083 0131

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