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  • ClientSSAFA - The Armed Forces Charity
  • ServiceFire Alarm, Intruder Alarm, Access Control, Intercoms, Door entry, Emergency Lighting & Fire Extinguishers
  • CategoryCase Study
  • CompletedDecember 2018
  • TagsFire Alarm, Intruder Alarm, Access Control, Intercoms, Door entry, Emergency Lighting & Fire Extinguishers

Royal Homes Wimbledon

Fire Alarm, Intruder Alarm, Access Control, Intercoms, Door entry, Emergency Lighting & Fire Extinguishers

The Client

Founded in 1899, The Royal Homes, which is a subsidiary of the armed forces charity SSAFA, provides independent living for 76 women in self-contained, affordable flats at Queen Alexandra’s Court Wimbledon. These are all widows, single daughters of officers or warrant officers from the forces, as well women who are themselves retired officers.

The Challenge

When the Housing Manager of SSAFA contacted Silver Group back in 2015, they were looking for a complete overhaul of their fire alarm system for the communal areas within the estate. They knew they would require the specialist expertise for the installations particularly since the existing fine Edwardian buildings dated back to 1904. They were certainly not originally designed for the necessary typically complex wiring requirements of todays modern fire prevention systems. In addition, they also had a separate fire detection system for each of the boiler rooms and these would need to be incorporated into the new system.

The Silver Group Solution

With modern day advancements, Silver Group were able to specify a state of the art fire detection system utilising wireless technology, thereby removing the need for any additional wiring within the buildings. This system was then also linked to the existing boiler room systems. Finally, a specialist bespoke programme was written for the addressable alarm system so that each of the separate systems within which building was also relayed to the main control panel within the main reception area.

Following the successful installation of the fire protection system, Silver Group also retro-upgraded all 77 of the existing audio intercoms for the apartments providing electronic door entry to the blocks as well as installing site-wide intruder alarm system. And more recently, the fire detection system has been extended to not only the communal areas but also to all the individual residences. This also required additional specialist programming of the fire alarm panel.

Unique Maintenance Service Solution

Following many years of providing the Royal Homes excellent customer service for their regular servicing and maintenance for not only the fire alarm and security systems, Silver Group provide also cover for their emergency lighting and fire extinguishers

Recently, a new unique service agreement was signed that gave them a bespoke solution to meet their requirements and yet still offering a significant cost saving. This “Umbrella" agreement provided the Royal Homes with regular annual service visit for all the disciplines provided by Silver Group but also, full 24 hour, 7 days a week telephone and where necessary emergency call outs and complete regular battery replacement.  For more details about our bespoke service plans please see here

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