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Secured Mail case study Silver Group
  • ClientSecured Mail
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  • CompletedFebruary 2018
  • TagsCCTV, ANPR camera, Fish-eye camera, Security

Secured Mail CCTV

CCTV, ANPR camera, Fish-eye camera, Security

The Client

Delivering over 500 million items a year, Secured Mail, part of The Delivery Group, are one of the largest independent postal businesses in the UK. Of the two depots in the UK, their Luton centre receives, sorts and delivers for the whole of the Midlands and south of the UK.

The Challenge
Their local management felt they needed to update their CCTV system and being aware of Silver Group’s professional reputation for bespoke systems tailored to the clients requirements as well as the recommendation by other nearby organisations who had benefited by Silver Groups expertise, there was no question who to call upon.

Their existing CCTV system with relatively low resolution cameras spread across the site, was connected to 5 separate hard disk recorders (DVRs). However the complete system was not linked together which meant that if they wanted to view two particular cameras at the same point in time for example, they may have to view one camera at one location in the depot but to view the other camera, move to another office elsewhere and use a different DVR accordingly. In addition the ability to download and share footage was not necessarily an simple process.

The Silver Group Solution
Although one option would have been to remove all the cameras and wiring and start completely afresh, instead Silver Group were able to utilise much of their existing wiring infrastructure to the cameras, thereby saving the clients disruption to their own operations but also of course significant cost. “These latest technology, hi-definition cameras which can operate from the standard previously installed co-axial cables have been ideal for so many of our clients in similar warehouse and industrial units” Sergio De Michele, Managing Director of Silver Group explains. “For Secured Mail, this meant we could install the new system without the depot loosing a single minute in productivity. They hardly knew we were there!”

For some of the key areas within the sorting unit, Silver Group suspended “Fish-eye” lens cameras from the ceilings – these are particular useful as unobtrusive fixed lens units but with the accompanying software, they can zoom in with a non-distorted image to clearly show activity within that zone – Never miss that crucial moment because the cameras was pointing the other way!

Having replaced the DVR units with hybrid network capable recorders with larger storage capacities and able to handle much faster data rates, Silver Group were able to offer the solution whereby although they were still positioned separately across the site as before, they could be all centrally controlled, footage viewed and easily downloaded to be shared either with head office or if necessary, external authorities. From that one desk they have complete view of the whole site and because of the secure software used, they can easily change the viewing location if required.

Due to Silver Groups “common sense” review for the best solution for Secured Mail’s CCTV requirements, we were able to install less cameras than they had previously and yet still managed to provide much better coverage. In particular, the addition of ANPR cameras at the depot gates mean that the registration plates of all vehicles entering and departing are electronically logged and time stamped.

So impressed by the Silver Group service, the client has now requested that we take over the maintenance and review of their fire safety systems including emergency lighting.

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