Smoke Ventilation – housing association fire safety

AOV & Smoke Vent Compliance for Housing Associations

There are many organisations including housing associations that believe their existing fire safety contractor is able to maintain and service their smoke ventilation (or AOVs) as well as their fire alarms and emergency lighting. 

This is not necessarily the case. For housing association fire safety, it’s an easy assumption to make, as in many cases the AOV system may be linked to the fire alarm.  However, today’s smoke ventilation systems are extremely complex and should ONLY be managed by specialists who are specifically trained in these systems.

The vast majority of housing association fire safety contractors will not be correctly qualified to service and maintain your AOV. They may be unaware of the separate rules and regulations specific to these vital life saving systems. Can the fire company fully support that system? Are they correctly certified to service AOVs? If they aren’t, then they probably won’t be able to supply the correct replacement parts. The result is that you will not be meeting  housing association fire safety compliance for those systems. In doing so, you may be jeopardising the safety of the residents. 

Correct support & maintenance

Silver Group understands housing association fire safety. This and that’s why we  fully undertake the design, install, commission & servicing of smoke ventilation and AOV systems.  By employing correctly trained staff and partnering with the leading manufacturers, we are able to correctly support and maintain your system and maintain compliance.

SE Controls smoke vents

If you have any SE Controls smoke vents in your buildings, only Silver Group and SE Controls themselves are able to service & maintain them. And of course yes, we are indeed able to take care of all your fire safety systems as well!

AOV Se controls servicing2Training, Auditing & Certification – Silver Group’s expertise

Design & Consultation>

With over 16 years experience within the smoke ventilation industry, our in-house smoke ventilation consultant ensures that the system is designed and specified to the correct building regulations. If your housing association fire safety system wasn’t designed to these regulations, then it’s likely to be a costly mistake.

Servicing & Maintenance

Because our team of engineers are trained and audited directly by the industry’s leading manufacturers, you can trust the very highest standards at all times.

…or is it just testing?

If your fire safety contractor is not a Certified Partner then they are just testing the system – Does the vent open when they press the button? This is not good enough. They must verify that the exact free space is maintained for that individual vent. The batteries must meet different criteria than that of fire alarm panel batteries. This is the only way to ensure housing association fire safety is fully compliant.

Original Parts Only

Inevitably, some parts will wear out or as part of scheduled servicing, need replacement. But if your contractor is not a Certified Partner, then they will probably not be able to obtain the correct manufacturers parts. Do you want the risk of non-OEM sub-standard parts used?

And still saving you money!

If the system is not currently maintained, then its operational life with undoubtably be shorten, meaning extra expense.  Because of the wide range of services that Silver Group provide, we can bring your costs down further, by grouping them together and still maintain full compliance.

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