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Good communication makes all the difference. Therefore, an intercom system is a great way to facilitate good communication in your school and improve security at the same time. If your building is unsecured, you’re vulnerable to intruders and vandalism.

We offer a range of intercom systems for use in different environments. Schools and nurseries can benefit from the privacy and security they offer as well as the flexibility of being able to control access remotely.

For schools with tight budgets, intercoms are a low-cost security option. A simple two-way voice intercom installed at your main entrance is not an expensive investment and yet if offers you vastly improved access control versus a door without an intercom.

There are some obvious benefits to an intercom system:

  • Simple to use
  • Speak to someone directly before granting them access
  • Outer doors remain locked during school hours, securing children inside
  • Potential threats can be controlled by refusing access, protecting your staff
  • Those with hearing loss or disability can use an intercom system
  • Low installation and running costs

A two-way voice intercom system is a great entry-level option. However, you may wish to take advantage of a system with additional functionality; you may also wish to integrate your intercom system with other security systems. At Silver Group, we can offer you a range of options. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Choose from a wide range of intercom systems

For small schools and nurseries, a simple single button intercom is ideal. It can be formatted to ring through to the school office where a member of staff can take the call and allow entry.

If you have a larger school on a site with more than one building, you’ll benefit from a multi-button system. Similar to an access system for a block of flats, each call button will ring through to a different area of the school.

Audio works well on its own, but for extra security, you may want to consider video features which allow you to see the person you’re speaking to. They operate across short or long distances and all our intercom systems are vandal-proof and weather resistant.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure which system is right for your needs. The marketplace is crowded with products, all claiming to be the best there is. We can oversee this process. First, we conduct a risk assessment of your school. Our qualified risk assessors will carry out a site visit to determine where your school is currently under-secured. Following the visit, we will make recommendations to you on how to mitigate any risks. This will include suggestions on the type of security system we think is appropriate for the way your school operates.

Intercoms aren’t just for entrances and exits

It’s a common misconception that intercoms are only useful at main outer doors. This isn’t the case. Large buildings, like hospitals and office blocks, will use them for staff to communicate with visitors at strategic points throughout the building.

If your school or college is sufficiently large with disconnected buildings, it may well make sense for you to install a range of intercoms. Digital intercom systems make installation simpler and cleaner without the need for excessing wiring and damage to school property. For schools which are housed in listed buildings, this is of particular importance.

Remember that completely wireless systems will also be portable and will work as long as they’re in range of your Wi-Fi router. This is ideal for occasions when the school office is shut but someone else in the building wants to have control over the intercom system.

Integrate all your security systems for added benefits

We’ve mentioned already that a video intercom offers an extra layer of security. For some of our customers, however, this still isn’t enough. They want to be able to monitor a larger area outside their school grounds and to achieve this, we recommend CCTV.

  • Monitor activity taking place outside your school buildings at all times
  • Great resolution and image quality
  • 24/7 back up recordings to a hard drive
  • Remote monitoring from smart devices or by operator at remote monitoring centre

Integration of CCTV with your intercom means that they work together automatically. When someone rings the door bell, your CCTV monitor will display your live-feed simultaneously. If you have concerns about someone unfamiliar trying to gain access, be assured that the live feed is recorded and backed up to a hard drive.

Existing CCTV systems can also be integrated with new intercom systems and vice-versa. We aren’t interested in ripping our customers off by insisting they install new systems, all supplied by us. And that also applies to our maintenance contracts. All we need to do is arrange a quick review of the systems you already have to ensure they’re in good working order, and then we can agree a long-term maintenance and service contract.

Does this sound like something that might be suitable for your school? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach at Silver Group, so why not get in touch today to find out how we can help you?

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