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| Control Access to Your Building with an Intercom System |

Intercoms are an invaluable security measure for many types of building, both commercial and residential. Silver Group supplies, installs and services intercom systems, keeping you safe and secure around the clock.

Are you concerned that you don’t always know who’s entering your building? Among the raft of security products on the market today, intercoms provide a simple, low-cost access solution for flats, office buildings and multi-occupancy sites. Protect your staff, customers, visitors and residents with our range of the latest intercom systems.

Is your building unsecured? Do you have full control over who’s coming and going? Without an intercom system, the people using your premises could be vulnerable.

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Why choose an intercom system?

In a world of increasing technological complexity, the intercom is a tried and tested security method. Organisations around the world use them as an effective way of communicating remotely. Large buildings such as hospitals, warehouses, office blocks and schools all employ some sort of intercom system.

Choose from two-way audio and/or video communication across short or long distances. Intercom systems have been around for years and are now available in secure, robust weatherproof designs suitable for nearly any type of premises. Maximise their effectiveness by integrating with other technology such as CCTV, access control such as door entry systems, gates or automated bollards.

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Control movement of people 

Some premises have high-security areas where access is restricted for important reasons. Did you know that intercoms can be used, combined with interior access security, to restrict people’s movement around specific areas of a building?

You may also have a lone employee working in a vulnerable part of the building like a reception area. Intercom systems afford them an extra layer of security, particularly if you don’t have security guards on site.

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Enjoy improved communication 

Intercoms don’t need to be restricted to main entrances and exits. By placing them at strategic points throughout a building, you can use them as an effective communications tool. Need to speak to several people at once? No problem. Make an important announcement to everyone on the premises? You can use the intercom system for that so that it effectively becomes a public address system. And if you don’t use pagers, intercoms can be used to track down specific individuals in a large, complex building.

Benefits of an intercom system:

  • Simple to install and use
  • Low installation costs and low running costs
  • Take control of all access points, ideal for multi-occupancy buildings
  • Secure your building against unwanted visitors and intruders
  • New technology syncs a live feed direct to your smart device, anywhere in the world
  • You can also issue commands from your mobile allowing remote accessibility
  • Practical but stylish all-weather designs, use internally and externally

Not sure which intercom system to choose?  

Our consultants are on hand to work with you. Simply explain in layman’s terms what you need, and we’ll advise you on a wide range of apartment and business intercom systems such as audio and video intercom systems. We’re also on hand to carry out installation and provide ongoing, regular servicing to ensure your system is always in great condition.

For advice on the installation, use and maintenance of intercom systems, call our expert team on 0800 083 0131 and let us find a solution that’s perfect for you.

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Intercom Systems 1 – Silver Group

Can I integrate an intercom with my existing security systems? 

We’re often asked how to amplify the effectiveness of one system by integrating with several others. Luckily for our customers, this is one area where we have years of experience. We’re one of the UK’s leading security and fire safety services suppliers with expertise in developing integrated security systems.

For example, if you already have a CCTV system, you can make use of the cameras at the same time as you’re using the intercom. This leads to improved security as well as simpler, quicker interactions with people entering your premises.

I’m in a listed building. What about wireless technology?  

There are many reasons why you might want to opt for a wireless access control system. New technology has made it possible to install most things wirelessly, which is a significant advantage for some business owners. Listed buildings are one reason, but you may be renting office space temporarily or just like the convenience of going wireless.

No longer a more expensive option, it can also be quicker and simpler to install a wireless version of an intercom system (also known as video entry). Hard wiring requires cosmetic disturbance but with wireless technology, installation is as simple as connecting all devices to the main network.

Even better, wireless intercoms are portable, meaning they work anywhere in your building as long as they are in range, similar to your Wi-Fi at home. Perfect for those times when the office is unmanned and you’re in charge of answering the main door.

Intercom Systems 2 – Silver Group

I’m a building manager for an apartment block. What’s the best intercom solution? 

Flats or apartment blocks are the ideal environment for a video/audio intercom system. The old traditional model is a hard-wired system connecting each individual residence with the main entry point via the intercom system. However, this requires wires to be run from the door to each individual property which is manned with a handset. If you’re setting up a system from scratch, this can be costly not only to install but also to maintain.

What’s the alternative?

Silver Group works with a range of manufacturers in the UK, sourcing only the highest-quality equipment. We like to create bespoke solutions wherever possible, recognising that one size doesn’t fit all. One solution is a 2-wire system which is able to handle communications using just two non-polarised wires able to handle communication both to and from the handset. Often the most practical and cost effective is using Cat5 data cables so that data is also carried (identifying the correct apartment to the control panel) as well as audio and video.

Alternatively, you might prefer a system which doesn’t require hardwiring into each flat but can be routed through an exiting landline or even mobile phone. In the long-run, this is a great solution for residents; if or when something goes wrong, technicians won’t necessarily require access to their homes to resolve problems.

Whatever your building requirements, we are confident we’ve got the intercom system that’s perfect for you. We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch with our specialist team who can advise you.  



Fire safety cannot exclude any member of society but current technology relies heavily on being able to hear. By connecting your fire alarm to an induction loop, you’re protecting everyone who may be at risk.


With our range of access control systems, you are truly in control of who comes and goes. From bollards to high-tech smartphone technology, you can choose what’s right for your business.


PA systems have multiple uses ranging from a device used to make public announcements to full integration with your fire safety equipment, including CCTV systems.


Control traffic flow and check if entry is authorised using a simple bollard security system. We install fixed and rising bollards (including manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic).

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