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Your farm is your livelihood. So, when that livelihood is threatened by intruders or organised gangs, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect it. Articles like this in Farmers Weekly highlight the problem faced by UK farmers every day.

If you have a farm CCTV system installed already, you may believe that you are doing everything possible to protect your assets. And while CCTV is valuable technology, it relies on you to keep an eye on what’s going on. Our system, Site Secure, provides a proactive intruder alarm system. With Site Secure, you’ll have eyes on your farm 24/7, even when you’re not there.

Why is Site Secure the number one choice for site security on farms?

By their very nature, farms are vulnerable to intrusion. Outbuildings and remote barns away from the main hub of the farm are attractive to criminals. The lure of high-value items such as machinery and even livestock, coupled with the growth of city gangs working across ‘county lines’ and spreading into rural areas present real challenges for your business.

Site Secure is ideal for agricultural environments, which can be insecure (no pun intended). Remote locations can present challenges when installing security technology. But with Site Secure, there is no need for power or telephone lines. So, if you’re struggling to find the right solution for outbuildings which house machinery, for example, but which don’t have mains power, you need look no further.

We’ve solved this problem with a range of products, which are completely wireless. So, you can install Site Secure anywhere, even in sites, which are unsuitable for other alarm systems or CCTV technology.

Site Secure is proven to work in some of the most remote, uninhabitable parts of the world from arid deserts in Arizona to sub-zero temperatures in Alberta, Canada.

How does Site Secure work?

You can increase security on your farm, effortlessly, with Site Secure, which is a wireless, integrated video verification system. We get many enquiries from customers with vacant sites because they don’t have the manpower to monitor a CCTV system.

Because it’s wireless, Site Secure can be installed exactly where you need it. The system runs on battery power (which lasts up to 4 years) so if it’s too far from the nearest power source, that isn’t a problem.

So, how does it work? We install motion viewer sensors, which use passive infrared technology. If an intruder enters your property, movement will trigger the sensors

and digital video cameras automatically start recording (in colour during the day, and black-and-white at night). All video recordings are captured in full VGA resolution.

After just ten seconds, a video clip with an alarm notification is transmitted to a monitoring station operator. Of course, not all disturbances are ominous and your livestock may have other intentions! So, if the operator sees something innocent, such as animals moving around, he will judge it to be a false alarm. But if it’s clear that there is a real threat, the operator can quickly assess that help is needed and call a designated contact. This might be the building owner, a key holder or the police. Fast, simple and effective and all in real-time. And you can rely on this support network, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What’s more, a handy smartphone app comes as part of the package, which gives you the option of controlling the system from the comfort of your armchair.

Five reasons why farm security should be at the top of your to-do list

Rural crime is on the increase with many criminal gangs stealing to order. National statistics collected in the last few years point to sharp rises of thefts linked to organised crime. Vandalism is also a problem causing untold stress and costing many thousands of pounds to put right. Here are five examples of how you could find yourself a victim of crime.

Fuel theft

With oil prices perpetually on the rise, energy is a valuable commodity. Large machinery using large quantities of fuel make farms an obvious target for thieves. Gangs are well-prepared and often stake out their targets first. But even with forward knowledge, how can you hope to catch them in the act? It would require round-the-clock surveillance. This is where Site Secure comes in by providing exactly that in virtual form.

If you are vulnerable to fuel theft, you may also want to consider reviewing your fire alarm systems. The movement of highly flammable materials by criminals is rarely well-planned or executed safely!

Machinery and vehicle theft

Evidence shows that farms are responding to machinery theft by improving their defences where possible. Intruder alarms are still the number one deterrent and can be highly effective. And yet, crime statistics continue to rise as thieves become ever more bold and brazen.

Vehicles often found on farms such as tractors, quad bikes and Land Rover Defenders (no longer in production and increasingly desirable) are now being stolen to order. Many end up on overseas shipping containers, never to be seen again.

Livestock theft

The theft of livestock is a constant threat for UK farmers. Not only does this impact severely on a farm’s revenue, it can be distressing for conscientious farmers. It also has wider ramifications for the food chain when stolen livestock is processed illegally through abattoirs not meeting UK standards.

Metal theft

Metal theft is not exclusive to farms. Construction sites are equally vulnerable. Valuable metals such as copper and lead are often found on farms, so you could easily be targeted by proactive thieves operating in gangs. If you have valuable metal in farm buildings which are empty, it’s worth considering how to protect them.

Fly tipping

There are also less obvious crimes perpetrated on farming communities. Like metal theft, fly tipping can happen anywhere – and does – but nonetheless dealing with it causes unwelcome stress and aggravation. Because fly tipping usually occurs on public land, it’s most often down to local authorities to deal with it. But if your private property falls victim to a pile of rubbish, it’s down to you. And beware…there could be harmful (think carcinogenic) substances hidden within.

Choose Site Secure for your farm – here’s why!

In each of these five examples of crime, Site Secure can provide you with real-time technology with which to fight the criminals. But if that’s not convinced you, here’s a round-up of the main benefits of Site Secure:


  1. High resolution digital cameras can be used indoors and outdoors with day and night visibility.
  2. 100% wireless system, which can be installed just about anywhere.
  3. Long-lasting battery live for all your devices including the control panel.
  4. Can be used to upgrade an existing alarm system (e.g. one without video functionality)
  5. Ideal for sites with no mains power such as farm outbuildings.
  6. Site Secure uses a cellular network (GPRS) or an IP network – meaning no need for a phone line or internet connection.
  7. Smartphone technology gives you the ability to download video clips or remotely enable and disable the system.
  8. Human verification of an alarm event reduces the likelihood of false alarms, saving wasted time, money and stress.
  9. Fast police response times thanks to our vetting of a verified crime.
  10. Insurance companies will reward you for defending yourself with effective security technology.

Contact us today on 0800 083 0131 or email to find out more about Site Secure and the benefits it can bring to your farming business.

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