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As a letting agent with responsibility for vacant commercial and residential property site security, it can be time-consuming and costly. Empty properties attract attention for all the wrong reasons, so we’ve come up with the perfect solution. It’s called Site Secure.

Site Secure is a complete video security alarm system with a difference. It can be used anywhere, even in locations without a power supply. It’s different to a CCTV surveillance system (which many people assume is still the most sophisticated alarm technology available). While CCTV is undoubtedly valuable technology, in a vacant property, it doesn’t offer the same peace of mind as Site Secure. With CCTV, the responsibility ultimately lies with you (or your client) to access recordings and keep an eye out for trouble.

In contrast, Site Secure does the hard work for you. It takes site security to the next level, 24/7, 365 days a year.

How does Site Secure work?

Site Secure protects buildings from intruders with a wireless, integrated video verification system. It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor sites and can be installed exactly where you need it. Like we said, it doesn’t need a direct electricity supply as it runs on battery power. This makes it perfect for vacant property sites.

So, what can you expect when you install Site Secure? The system is based on motion viewer sensors which use passive infrared. When these are tripped, the digital video cameras automatically start recording (in colour during the day, and black-and-white at night). All video recordings are captured in full VGA resolution although you can request that the system be configured to produce low-resolution recordings.

A 10-second clip with an alarm notification is transmitted to a monitoring station operator. If he sees a dog sniffing under a pile of leaves, he may well decide it’s a false alarm. But if something far more sinister is afoot, he can make a rapid assessment that a genuine crime is taking place and call a designated contact. This might be the building owner, a key holder or the police. Whoever you decide. It really is that simple.

We’re sure you’ll agree that accurate verification is essential, so we guarantee rapid video transfer to the monitoring station. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

False alarms cost how much…?!

The monitoring station operator’s assessment is a crucial part of the success of Site Secure. Estimates of the cost of false alarms to industry vary but figures go as high as £1 billion. When you consider that the emergency services respond to more false alarms than they do genuine, it’s easy to see how the costs mount up.

Businesses can be charged if they are deemed responsible for a false alarm, either through shoddy equipment or mismanagement. So, as a letting agent keen to demonstrate to clients how your service provides value for money, Site Secure could prove to be a powerful bargaining tool.

Remind me of the benefits of securing a vacant site?

Without a system like Site Secure, how easy is it to monitor an empty building or warehouse? Employing 24/7 security guards is expensive and beyond the reach of most business owners, certainly where a site is empty and not revenue-producing.

Vandals and trespassers cause needless damage which can run into thousands of pounds, resulting in sky-high repair bills, not to mention frustration and delays in getting a site business-ready. What’s more, theft of valuable materials from construction sites, for example, is on the increase. Our case study for client Oakbridge Homes demonstrates how costly this can be with plant theft alone costing the construction industry around £800m per year.

Site Secure gives you the tools to monitor and protect your client’s assets. There’s also the bigger picture to consider. Rundown buildings depress local communities, attract squatters and criminal activity and, as a result, unwanted police attention. Re-letting or selling a vacant site can take far longer if problems like these are allowed to take root.

Even if you already have some form of alarm system installed, it’s not a reason to discount the added benefits of Site Secure. Our motion viewers can be installed as an upgrade to existing systems giving you additional functionality and security right where you need it.
And if you’re unsure how long a site might be vacant for, it’s still worth considering Site Secure. It’s portable, so if a building is sold or demolished, you can relocate it to new facilities.

You’ll love the smart technology that Site Secure offers

Apps, glorious apps. We love our finger-tapping apps, so we know you’ll love the easy-to-use Site Secure smartphone app. Security and privacy is built in with app functionality completely separate from the alarm process.

You can request remote video and snapshots on demand; an ideal way to put your client’s mind at rest in an instant. What’s more, you can also access a full-colour gallery archive, disable/enable the system remotely and open/close reporting features.

Ten top reasons letting agents love Site Secure

  1. Choose from indoor and outdoor cameras with day and night visibility.
  2. Site Secure is completely wireless which means it can be installed just about anywhere, even in a tree house!
  3. All devices including the control panel have a battery life of up to four years.
  4. Add to an existing alarm system (e.g. one without video functionality)
  5. Ideal for sites with no mains power such as temporary sites, empty properties and construction sites.
  6. No phone line or internet connection? No biggie. Site Secure uses a cellular network (GPRS) or an IP network – choose which works best for you.
  7. Smartphone technology puts the power of Site Secure in the palm of your hand
  8. Human verification of the event which triggered the alarm significantly reduces the risk of false alarms, saving wasted time, money and stress
  9. You’ll also benefit from a faster police response because they already know a verified crime is taking place
  10. Insurance companies love it! Well maintained properties attract lower insurance premiums.

Still not convinced?

You don’t need to take just our word for it

We’re working with a variety of clients, installing Site Secure in locations all the UK. And while we’re convinced that it’s the most intelligent, responsive alarm security product on the market, we’re not asking you to just take our word for it.

Why not get in touch today on 0800 083 0131 or email and we can show you how Site Secure could work for your lettings agency?

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