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Client: Novoferm – Luton

Novoferm - Silver Group

Increased productivity for Novoferm and a £25,000 per year saving for the landlord

Novoferm is part of the Sanwa Shutter family which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automated garage door systems, founded over 50 years ago. They are based in 24 countries around the world, with 10,000 staff and currently have a turnover of £2.5 billion. Their UK headquarters is in Luton. This facility comprises of nearly 7,000 sq ft office space with production and warehousing totally 70,000 sq ft.

The Challenge

Initially, the landlord of the property contacted Silver Group looking to enhance the perimeter security by means of CCTV and intruder alarms as there had been a high increase in trespassers causing damage and thefts to the property. Previously, having full time on-site security guard was proving to be not financially viable. Therefore, they required more cost-effective solution which could still provide the same level of security if not greater and would also act as a deterrent to potential trespassers.

The Silver Group Solution

At Silver Group, we proposed a complete solution with high definition, low light, CCTV cameras covering the complete external area of the property, fitted with motion detection sensors and a PA system. These cameras were linked to a NSI Gold approved, 24/7 monitoring station.

The result of this was not only much higher levels of security and an increased deterrent which also led to a significant drop in attempted trespasses. The overall security costs of the client were reduced as permanent on-site security guards were no longer required, with just an on-call guard required in emergencies. The wide-angle cameras meant less were needed and still gave complete coverage. Thus, saving the client in the region of £25k per annum.

Novoferm, as the tenant was really impressed with the CCTV solution and they also wanted to enhance their own CCTV coverage for the internal property overall. So the unique solution was to fit a series of internal 360 degree cameras meaning fewer cameras and yet still covering a greater area, these would be recorded on a high capacity NVR as well as live monitoring by management, but added to these were the live feeds from the landlords external cameras (which continue to be also monitored by the external monitoring station. 

The benefits to the Novoferm have been much more than merely a security deterrent. Certainly, on-site thefts have shown a marked decrease, but the cameras have also become an invaluable management tool. Productivity and efficiency of manufacturing team is up as management can monitor key staff and their productivity and then trial new methods to increase their workflow.

”We have been really impressed with Silver Group from start to finish, the professional can-do attitude with the engineers has been second to none.” Paul Bulley (Operations Director UK) of Novoferm continues. In fact the presence of this CCTV system has already more than paid for itself, not only in terms of added security but increased productivity of the facility.”

Of course the CCTV system was only part of the solution for Novoferm, as they also commissioned Silver Group to install access control, video/audio intercoms as well as the multi-zone intruder alarm for the offices and production facility.

Silver Group specified a range of sensors covering standard door and roller shutter contacts as well as long- and short-range dual tech sensors. Since the production facility is operation for much longer hours than the offices, these zones are controlled by separate keypads. The intruder alarms were linked directly via the Dualcom GPRS board to Southern Monitoring, an NSI Gold approved alarm receiving centre, offering total peace of mind outside of the principle hours.

In order to reduce false alarms and to ensure there is a high probability of a genuine activation, under the current police (ACPO) policy, the police will only respond to confirmed alarms. This requires that two separate detectors on independent circuits activate, within a pre-defined time window, before a confirmed alarm condition can be notified. Therefore, this system has been designed with the intention that an intruder will activate at least two detectors before reaching any desirable stock or valuables. The access control system comprised of an IP colour video/audio intercom at the reception area with remote releasing of the lock, allowing visitors passage into the inner lobby. This camera unit is also connected to the main CCTV NVR so that a video record is also held of all visitors.

For the inner doors leading into the main offices, read-in/read-out biometrics fingerprint readers were installed. These were then programmed to ensure only the correct members of staff had access at the appropriate times of day. This also had the added benefit of providing 100% accurate records of staff attendance. “Break glass” emergency door releases were also installed should an evacuation ever be needed.

The overall benefit has been increased security, particularly as the showroom at weekends may not have staff always present during opening hours, so now visitors can be allowed into the showroom with the control of the covering member of staff.

Sometimes the benefits are more than just security. Showing real cost savings across the board and increased productivity to a business can really make a difference.

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