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Client: Churchill Stores

Premier - Churchill Stores - Silver Group

Churchill Stores in Northampton is an independently owned retail supermarket run as a Premier supermarket chain, which is part of the Booker Group Limited, serving 1.5 million customers.

The need to see more clearly

With shoplifting costing retailers a staggering £12million per day equating to £613million over the year. In 2015, there was a 2% increase on the cost to industry in 2014, according to the annual retail crime survey by the British Retail Consortium, while the average value of goods stolen leaped by over a third to £325 per incident.

There are many hundreds of retail stores across the UK still using analogue CCTV systems. These older analogue systems require regular maintenance, can be hard to use and most importantly do not provide high quality images.

Having a CCTV system to quickly and clearly identify theft not only brings the perpetrators to justice, but can act as a powerful deterrent when coupled with quality signage in store.
After several incidents where the analogue system could not provide the protection required, Silver Group were contacted to see if a cost effective upgrade was possible, without the need for disruptive cabling or building work.

The Silver Group Difference

As the client had already been using Silver Group for some time for their intruder alarms, Silver Group devised a system plan off-site to suit the retailer. Armed with floor plans and thorough knowledge of the client, the upgrade solution could be devised quickly and cost effectively. The client was very happy with the proposal and approved the upgrade plan:

  • Existing analogue cameras were removed
  • New digital cameras were selected that could be ‘retro-fitted’ onto the existing cabling
  • The cameras provided a Hi-Definition system at 1080p operating on the same infrastructure
  • All images feeds could be viewed from a mobile phone or over the internet

Within a single days’ work, the new system was installed, tested and deployed much to the delight of the client as it involved very little disruption for them. The cameras were well placed to provide a wider angle of view, so less cameras were required and yet delivered better quality images, across more of the store. This hybrid solution was not only very cost effective but much easier to use. However, it also allowed for future upgrades to additional IP cameras if and when they would be required.

The Results

The client was delighted with the work and can now access evidential quality images from the store quickly and easily from anywhere or any device. The digital aspect also brought a whole raft of features and benefits including mobile viewing, auto scrolling, 10 second previews, and auto playbacks. This enables the store to respond faster and deter more potential shoplifters or till fraudsters with signage about Hi-Definition CCTV and images showing the clarity at which the site is being monitored. Silver group have now rolled this hybrid cost effective CCTV system out to many more of their retail clients.

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