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Public address systems, also known as PA systems (or tannoys), do exactly what the name suggests – they address the public. A typical PA system will use a combination of loudspeakers, amplifiers and microphones, meaning any sound can be transmitted across a large area. This makes them ideal for public announcements in shopping centres and train stations, and large-scale events such as music concerts and sports tournaments.

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Smaller venues such as schools, pubs and church halls can also make good use of more modest PA systems which are surprisingly small and can easily blend into the background.

Some systems are configurecd to play background music which cuts out when a person wants to make an announcement. You’ll commonly hear this in shopping centres.

Other systems are portable and can be used in environments where a fixed system is impractical or undesirable. They operate using a battery and are ideal for pop-up venues.

In summary, anywhere you need a public announcement system to clearly and instantly share information en-masse, our public address systems deliver what you need. We have extensive experience of planning, installation, testing and maintenance PA systems. And, as with nearly all technology today, we can design systems tailored to your individual requirements if you want something specific for your organisation.

Integrate with emergency systems for improved protection

In the event of an emergency, PA systems are invaluable – that’s why it pays to make sure your PA systems is integrated with other emergency systems such as fire or burglar alarms.

At Silver Group, we offer full integration with your existing emergency systems. The benefits are clear to see. During evacuations, you can communicate directly with anyone inside your building, instantly improving the safety of staff and visitors.

We also integrate PA systems with CCTV. How might this work? Imagine a site which is unoccupied at night and trespassers are detected by a monitored CCTV system. The monitoring station can use the PA system to warn intruders away, giving the impression that the site is, in fact, occupied. And there’s no need to invest in out-of-hours security staff. Using a PA system in this way can limit the cost of theft and vandalism and can ‘future-proof’ your building by deterring would-be intruders.

Voice integration for emergency evacuations 

Even with a detailed emergency plan, some buildings and venues are complicated to evacuate quickly and without incident. High-rise buildings, concert halls and sports stadiums, for example. With voice integration, a PA system can be used to support evacuation procedures, calmly talking occupants through the process and quelling fear and tension among crowds.

As with all our systems, if you have additional features such as access control, we offer total integration as part of our standard service. And don’t forget we continually invest in our people, ensuring our engineers are trained and qualified to offer service and advice on any systems offered by Silver Group – meaning you benefit from just one visit.

The benefits of a PA system for your business 

There are many reasons to consider a PA system:

  • Communicate effectively and remotely with large audiences – including a choice of live and pre-recorded messaging
  • Influence customers and staff – piping music through your PA system has been proven to influence productivity or customer behaviour
  • User-friendly operating system – offered with full training from our expert team.

Choose from a range of features 

  • Multi-channel operation – providing the ability to communicate different messaging to different areas.
  • Professional pre-recorded messaging – using professional voice-overs to ensure polished and precise message delivery.
  • Integrate with security systems, such as monitored CCTV systems allowing the monitoring team to remotely communicate when incidents occur such as unauthorised entry.

Some customers have concerns about the aesthetics of a PA system. There is endless choice in today’s market with flush mounted speakers which are discreet without compromising on quality or performance. Systems can be painted to blend in with your existing décor and ceiling speakers are the perfect choice if you’re short on space.

Already have a system in place? 

No problem. We can maintain it or upgrade it for you. At Silver Group, we offer a  FREE review of your existing equipment and we guarantee that you will always receive the right advice from our trained and experienced technicians.

Why the US trend of PA systems in schools is one to watch 

The use of public address systems in UK schools has never caught on in quite the same way as it has in the USA. Across the Atlantic, most senior schools and colleges will have some form of PA system which might be used many times each day. And it’s certainly true that in the case of emergencies, these systems really come in to their own. Evacuation or lock-downs are challenging procedures in school environments and a PA system can prove effective in these situations.

School public address systems can be configured to do whatever you need of them, from making everyday announcements to alerting pupils, staff or visitors to an emergency. Some systems offer the option of having panic buttons installed in locations around the school, connecting back to a control panel in the school office.

Some schools in the UK are coming around to the convenience of a PA system; if you think the time’s right for your school, why not get in touch with us to find out more?

Calling retailers and hoteliers – is your PA system meeting your needs? 

Unless it breaks down, you probably don’t give your PA system a second thought. Technology changes almost daily so you might be surprised to learn that the latest PA systems can do so much more than they used to.

‘Voice over internet protocol’ (VOIP) has revolutionised the way our tech works, enabling it to link in to networked systems and piggyback off other equipment. We’ve already looked at how PA systems can be integrated with security systems such as fire alarms and CCTV. In the hospitality industry, PA systems can pipe music into guests’ bedrooms, bathrooms as well as spa facilities and swimming pools.

The great advantage of the VOIP PA systems is that there is no need for the speakers to be hard-wired from the microphone. This not only can save considerable costs with lengthy additional wiring but creates the opportunity of remote communications. For example, this could be for hotel complexes spread over multiple buildings. Also, as seen in the example above, integration with remote CCTV, the personnel at a remote monitoring station can “dial-in” to the VOIP PA system to warn off the intruders caught live on the CCTV.


Fire Alarm installation

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Intruder alarms are still the most effective way to safeguard your business against theft and vandalism. We have years of experience in commercial security so with us, you’re always in safe hands.


No business is fully protected without CCTV. Today’s security cameras are more sophisticated than ever and can be controlled remotely from the palm of your hand. 


Intercoms are a years-old, tried and tested security measure, now overlaid with features that makes them perfect for the modern world. Take a look at how today’s intercoms can help secure a building.

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