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We’re pleased to announce Silver Group can now offer Secured by Design solutions for access control, intercom panels and door entry systems. All systems are designed to provide residents of multi-occupancy buildings with greater security and a safer environment. 

What is Secured by Design  

Secured by Design is a UK police initiative, which aims to prevent crimes against residential and business properties. This initiative promotes the use of installing Secured by Design accredited access control and door entry systems for a range of premises. In effect, the products have been manufactured with the aim of ‘designing out crime.’ 

The principles of Secured by Design have been proven to achieve a reduction in crime by up to 75% and significantly reduces anti-social behaviour. Furthermore, Secured by Design solutions play an important factor within local authorities and social housing sectors.  

Why is it important?

Crime prevention is the main reason why many local authorities and social housing sectors are now specifying that Secured by Design solutions are an requirement for their properties. The standard should always be followed, to assure maximum security as well as meeting the specific entry needs for the premises. For your reassurance, look out for the Secured by Design label.

‘’With our partnership with Entrotec, we’re able to offer Secured by Design accredited solutions, which is a great step for the business providing reassurance for our clients, as well as, the very best in vandal proof security systems approved by police and insurance companies.’’

– Sergio De Michele, MD Silver Group  

Residential developments without adequate security are potential targets for disruptive and criminal behaviour. This in turn, can affect the quality of life for residents. In addition, this can often result in buildings becoming a popular place for criminal behaviour. Consequently, there are many key challenges facing local authorities and housing associations. For example; drug use, associated crime, anti-social behaviour such as noise, intimidation and assault.

How it improves safety 

Access control and door entry systems are available to help overcome common issues. With systems in place, you can monitor and record fob activity, logging which flats visitors call, when conversations start/ends, and when exit buttons are pressed. Equally, when access control and door entry systems are used in conjunction with CCTV, reports can provide useful information. This can aid in any investigations helping to improve resident’s safety and security, as well as prevent crime.

Firstly, without adequate access control, vandals can easily access a building, which often results in ongoing repair costs. Secondly, makes an unpleasant environment for residents to live in. Thirdly and most importantly, making them feel unsafe and less likely to respect the property themselves.

In conclusion, Secured by Design solutions considers these principles. Above all, applies them to the specification and development of police preferred specified products.

Silver Group already work with several local authorities and housing associations across the UK. We provide them with the most appropriate access control systems that protect and secure their residents. If you would like to discuss how we can assist you on your current or future development projects to meet Secured by Design standards, please call 0800 083 0131 or email

Furthermore, having completed comprehensive training at Entrotecs head office in Scotland, Silver Group are now fully approved and accredited installers of Entrotec’s Secured by Design range of access control and intercoms systems. This further compliments, our extensive range of leading manufacturers that Silver Group are already accredited within the security, fire safety and life-saving system sectors.

Who are Entrotec

Entrotec are trusted pioneers and leading manufacturers of door entry solutions in the UK residential and commercial markets. They are renowned for manufacturing and supplying high-quality audio and video, vandal resistant door entry, concierge systems and proximity access control systems.


Why Entrotec

•    The UK’s first fully Secured by Design compliant products

•    Well respected industry reputation

•    Longevity of parts with forward and backward compatibility

•    In house innovative and agile development plan

•    UK manufacturer

Secured by Design solution

The Entrotec ePRO video door entry and access control system offers extensive functionality to provide an expandable true IP system. It’s flexible and customisable with many unique features making it a security solution suitable for a wide range of applications. Certainly, for private housing and commercial buildings.

The video intercom with real-time video surveillance and video capture simplifies selective communication between visitors, residents, security staff and concierge.

Advanced connectivity and smart device integration allows you to see, hear and speak to visitors using the Entrotec Connect App (iOS and Android). Integrated high-security access control streamlines the entrance experience for residents and staff.  Most importantly, security encryption prevents unauthorised cloning and protects people and their properties.


Why use the system 

The user-friendly system management tools, allows the system owner to manage the door entry, access control and video management system (VMS) to enable complete oversight of the security of the building from an intuitive user interface.

Robust and refined stainless-steel ePRO Door Panels provide a simple and easy to use entry experience for visitors. Residents simply present their dedicated fob to the high-security Reader for authorised access.  

The ePRO home touchscreen monitor allows you to accept or decline communication with a visitor. The option to record video or capture an image of the visitor along with free audio calls to other residents are added security features. Residents can also review and manage general messages sent for their attention.

The Entrotec Connect App (on systems with a dedicated Internet connection) allows the resident to receive calls from other visitors with the Entrotec Connect App. This App option enhances accessibility and convenience, allowing you to answer the door or decline from anywhere.

We hope you enjoyed reading our exciting news! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out further information on 0800 083 0131 or email