automatic rising bollards

Boost your building’s security and movement control of vehicles

Automatic rising bollards

Automatic rising bollards have become an increasingly common sight across the UK in recent years, as security technology and culture has developed.

Access control isn’t just limited to access points such as doors and windows – it also encompasses regulating and restricting access to roads or walkways that people use to reach the your premises.

Incorporating automatic rising bollards can provide a huge boost to your building’s physical security, by allowing you to limit and control unauthorised vehicle and personnel movement a distance from your premises, or in the immediate area.

Depending on their type, automatic rising bollards have many different potential applications:

• Preventing accidental or deliberate vehicle collision with any physical assets (such as windows, doorways, or walls).
• Limiting vehicle proximity with your building.
• Managing pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
• Restricting access to assets according to type of vehicle.
• Lighting pathways.
• Protecting entry points.

Automatic Bollard Installation

There are a variety of different bollards we are able to offer as part of our specialised security solutions. A prominent example are rising bollards. These bollards fit to roads or pavements and rise up out of the ground using electronics and hydraulic systems. This makes them well-suited to quick response situations, where you are able to alter an access path immediately according to the context. They are then very well suited to integration within a whole automated security system. Many of these are now also developed to be increasingly crash-resistant, with some being capable of stopping vehicles at speeds of up to 50mph.

Integrating your security

Silver Group are committed to providing the best automated security solutions available. We understand the importance of mixing different security methods and responses to create a unified and effective system for your business. Where appropriate, using bollards along with other access control equipment can maximise your building’s safety. If you already have an access path solution, such as older ‘lockable’ bollards, we can conduct a FREE review of your current equipment, and upgrade it if necessary.

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