Security and Safety for Schools and Colleges.

Safeguarding our children as well as staff and teachers within schools is more important than ever before.

Silver Group have provided the necessary solutions for many education establishments for many years. And in doing so helped them meet their obligations for Ofsted safeguarding requirements. These solutions include high definition cctv systems with live monitoring within the school and out of hours remote monitoring. State of the art access control systems ensuring control of visitors entering the school grounds and buildings but equally in the case of primary schools, that children do not leave unauthorised.

Sadly schools can be prime targets for arson and so various fire safety systems are required including fire alarms, extinguishers, emergency lighting and even smoke ventilation systems. Silver Group have earner the highest industry standard accretions with BAFE and are proud members of the Fire Industry Association. This is your guarantee of the very best designed solutions and ongoing maintenance.

Although Ofsted do not directly have particular exact requirements for schools security requirements, they would expect to see how potential risks of access to members of the public or the perimeters of the grounds are managed.

Silver Group work closely with the schools management to propose the best solution in terms of not only their needs but also the financial aspects for the educational facilities. Ensuring the standards and practices needed  to ensure the safeguarding of schools, their pupils, property and staff.

Advantages of a Silver Group solution:

• Safeguarding staff and students

• Enabling children to feel safe within their school

• Ensure the security of valuable equipment

• Protect all areas of the school

• Aid to monitoring students attendance and behaviour

• Deter students authorised leaving from the school grounds

• Deter arson and vandalism during and out of hours

• Peace of mind for parents and guardians

• CCTV evidence for dealing with offenders

With the advantage of our leasing options we can work with the schools budgets and potentially free up their funding for other educational resources.

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