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Ventilation Systems and AOVs

Smoke ventilation systems open mechanically when triggered by heat or smoke detectors.  They allow harmful smoke and fumes to ventilate out of the building, drawing clean air in. They are designed and configured as part of a complex, optimised, fire safety system.

Our expertise

Silver Group work in partnership with SE Controls, the UK’s leading manufacturer of smoke ventilation systems.  As such, we are able to design, install and maintain all types of smoke ventilation and heat exhaust systems for buildings. These innovative systems are used across a wide range of commercial and multi-occupancy residential buildings, as well as local authority projects and visitor attractions.

Installation of AOVs

With new build projects, the  AOV is designed and built into the structure of buildings as a comprehensive, natural smoke ventilation system. However, existing buildings can have AOV fitted as part of an integrated fire safety or smoke control solution.

How AOVs save lives

In a fire, smoke is a bigger threat to life than the fire itself. That’s why fire safety often implores us to crawl along the floor below smoke. One of the other biggest threats during a fire, is firefighters being unable to access buildings safely and quickly due to any structural damage. As AOVs open automatically and are built into the most structurally sound parts of the building (the outer walls or roof), AOVs allow smoke to rise above escape routes.  This significantly improves visibility and air quality to occupants, as well as giving firefighters improved visibility, helping them tackle the fire. This means earlier firefighting, better safety and less damage to your the building.

AOV Compliant solutions for:

Architects & Specifiers

Our team of smoke ventilation experts work with architects and consultants.  We help them realise their creative ambitions for their designs, without compromising fire safety or environmental strategy. Read more

Contractors & Developers

We are able to work with you, providing the right smoke ventilation compliant solution whilst enabling full integration with other security and safety systems. Read more

Facilities Managers

Whether you need maintenance contracts for existing systems, callout repairs, new or replacement installations – Silver Group are the providers to trust with AOV installation & maintenance. Read more

aov intro exmaples

We ensure that the following British and European approval standards apply to the systems we design, install and maintain:


This European standard requires that the CE mark is on all components of an AOV system.  All natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators components should also meet the Construction Products Regulations. For the products to meet this approval, they must have passed many rigorous tests. Extreme hot and cold, snow and high winds and additional factors are all used.  The vents must suffer no more than a 10% loss in aperture of opening and must operate with 60 seconds on activation.


This covers electric drives for windows and vents and specifies that any automatic mechanism installed with finger trap design consideration.

BS 7346-8:2013

Product components and the code of practice for planning, design and installation as well as ongoing maintenance of Smoke control systems

BS 8519:2010

Ensuring the fire resistance of all cable and wiring for the devices and their control systems.

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