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| Ensuring smoke vents are working when you need them most |

Smoke ventilation and AOV maintenance.

Silver Group ensure your smoke ventilation equipment is in excellent working order at all times. We are a specialist AOV company who design, install and service AOV systems as well as providing expert AOV maintenance services.

It is vital to properly maintain your smoke ventilation system so it is ready to work as intended, when needed. Proper accredited AOV maintenance also ensures legal compliance.

With our planned preventative AOV maintenance and emergency call-out service, we are not only offering cost effective comprehensive cover but you can be reassured you always get the very best value. Regular maintenance benefits you in the long run as we can extend the life cycle of the smoke ventilation equipment whilst still ensuring that all legal requirements are meet and you have a totally compliant solution.

It’s not just AOV maintenance. The big advantage our clients have over those with our competitors, is that our engineers are multi-disciplined in all aspects of Fire safety and security, so with fully integrated systems you only need a single service team to cover your fire & security systems in a single visit. That’s more convenient and better value for you.

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Silver Group AOV Maintenance:

  • Regular Preventative Servicing Schedule
  • Technical advice and support
  • 24/7 Emergency call out
  • Fully Trained, multi-disciplined Engineers
  • Detailed Service record Log Books
  • Ensuring complete Compliance for you
Smoke Ventilation Service Maintenance 1 – Silver Group
Smoke Ventilation Service Maintenance 2 – Silver Group
Smoke Ventilation Service Maintenance 1 – Silver Group
Smoke Ventilation Service Maintenance 1 – Silver Group
Smoke Ventilation Service Maintenance 1 – Silver Group



Smoke is the largest cause of death in fire-related events. Installing a smoke ventilation system means you can fight fire from the outset, often before it’s detected by alarms or humans. 


Fire alarm installation protects you and others from the serious risk of smoke and fire. With years of experience on our side, we can expertly guide you through the process.


Essential for successful evacuations, we design and install emergency lighting tailored to your needs. If emergency strikes, you can rest assured that our lights will guide the way to safety.


Many small fires can be quickly extinguished but only with the right equipment to hand. Install our fire extinguishers and you have a good chance of preventing loss of life and disruption to your business.


For more information about our services across fire, smoke ventilation and security, please download our latest brochure.

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Want to know more about Smoke Ventilation?

For a greater understanding about smoke ventilation and why you must have it and act on it for your business, take a look at our blog.

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