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Security for your business should always be on your agenda, especially during the summer months when the long school holiday inevitably means more people are out of the office. Some businesses close completely for a couple of weeks or longer. If this is you, have you taken the necessary steps to secure your premises while you’re away?

Security Solutions Explained 1 – Silver Group

It’s not just business owners; homeowners are also at risk. There is a plethora of security options on the market today, all designed to protect you and your property.

With a few simple steps, it’s easy to get your security on-point this summer.

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Protect your premises, whether it’s business or personal

We think of premises as places of work, but any dwelling is susceptible to security breaches. House burglaries happen throughout the year, but during the summer when doors and windows are more likely to be open and you’re away on holiday, there are myriad temptations for criminals.

As this article says, almost eight out of ten burglaries take place when a house is unoccupied. In the year ending December 2018, there were 424,846 burglaries in England and Wales, as reported by the Office for National Statistics.

No-one wants to be just another statistic. So, to avoid becoming a victim of crime, what measures can you take to improve security?

Consider a security risk assessment

If you’ve never conducted a security audit of your building, it’s a worthwhile step. Weak spots can exist in places you may never have imagined. Involve everyone who you employ as they’ll all have a unique perspective on security and where they believe the risks lie.

Entry and exit points are areas of special interest. Is it easy for someone to gain access without ID? What would happen if they did so without your knowledge? How much damage could they potentially inflict?

Once you’ve identified security issues, you can devise a plan to resolve them.

Carry out regular security checks

An assessment is great but like any safety assessment, they need regular revisiting and updating. It’s worth getting into the habit of reviewing your building every few months for faults or repairs. Breakages to windows, missing roof tiles, damaged doors – these are all vulnerabilities which could make your building attractive to criminals.

Security Solutions Explained 3 – Silver Group
Security Solutions Explained 1 – Silver Group

Take care when locking up

Whether it’s the end of the day, the end of the week or the night before you leave for an extended trip, locking up should be done with care and caution. Are all windows secure? Are all doors locked? Burglaries which occur due to open windows and doors fall under the category of preventable crime and some police believe that they should not even be investigated.

If staff are responsible for locking up, it’s worth training those responsible to ensure they’re fully up to speed on what’s expected of them.

Security Solutions Explained 2 – Silver Group

Always set your alarm

Alarms are an obvious sign to burglars that a building is protected – advertising the fact may make someone think twice about choosing you as a target.

But for building users, setting the alarm sometimes gets missed. It’s easy to overlook this important step. Make it part of your everyday routine and it’s less likely that you’ll forget. Intruder alarms are still the best way of safeguarding your business from theft so if you’d like to discuss your alarm system, please get in touch.

Security Solutions Explained 3 – Silver Group

Lock away valuable items

There’s a lucrative second-hand market for electrical items; although the value isn’t great, they are easy pickings for petty thieves who want to make some fast cash.

Laptops and tablets are popular targets and most offices, houses and schools have a few lying around. If your premises don’t have additional security such an alarm or CCTV, consider lockable storage. Just make sure you remove the key and put it somewhere else!

Consider installing CCTV

On the topic of CCTV, we believe it can be beneficial for any type of business, especially where there’s a higher risk of burglary and theft. Shockingly, statistics reveal that employee theft is a real problem for employers, with the average businesses losing 5% revenue to employee theft each year.

Whether it’s internal or external crime, CCTV is proven to reduce crime by acting as a deterrent (make sure visitors can see that you have it) and today’s technology means you can link it up to a remote monitoring station for round-the-clock protection. What’s not to like?


Is your perimeter secure?

Larger premises such as factories and warehouses can be tempting targets for thieves. But security breaches are expensive and time-consuming so you’ll want to avoid them. Well-guarded businesses are less attractive so consider installing a security system which acts as a deterrent and a control. These will vary so we have created a range for you to choose from.

Security Solutions Explained 1 – Silver Group

Access Control

For large organisations who may be unfamiliar with the workforce as a whole, you’ll want to control the movement of people in and around your premises. Our Access Control systems do just that.

Every single point of entry and exit in the building can be programmed to allow specific personnel access (or not!).

Intercom systems

Another form of access control is an intercom system. A low-cost security solution, intercoms are perfect for businesses, large and small, especially multi-occupancy offices and flats. II you want to be able to control who is entering the building, an intercom lets you verify their identity before they gain access.

They are easy to install, to move around and have minimal running costs.

Automatic rising bollards

Bollards aren’t just for public highways. They are ideal for controlling the roads and pavements around your business premises. Vehicle access can be overseen by your employees, remotely if needed which is ideal during summer months when staff cover becomes more of an issue.

Our automatic rising bollards fully integrate with existing security systems and use quick-response technology to keep you one step ahead of anyone unwelcome trying to enter the premises.

Gates, barriers and turnstiles 

If you want to take things up a notch from bollards, you’re probably going to need gates or other physical barriers. No problem. We’ve got a wide range to suit most building types. We conduct a thorough site survey and recommend options which meet your individual objectives.

Enjoying the summer months is always easier when you can relax in the knowledge that your empty building, or home, is safe and secure. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve that peace of mind.

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