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For modern buildings over 11 metres in height (typically 3 storeys), smoke ventilation systems are just as important towards the life-saving systems as a fire alarm would be.

However, up until recently it would have been likely that although the actuator fitted to the window may have been compliant, the window itself would not.

The window and actuator together as one would not have been rigorously tested under accurate conditions. Therefore how well that smoke vent system would have performed in a real life situation, would have not been known. Based on this, the overall smoke ventilation system could not be deemed as being truly compliant. Where windows are utilised for smoke ventilation they must be CE marked to EN12101-2, mandated by the Construction Products Regulations 2013. To comply, both vent/window and actuator must be tested together at an independent accredited test facility, and fabricated under a third party audited process.

Window Smoke Ventilation 1 – Silver Group

Fortunately, now following extensive research and testing of their window systems as smoke vents, A-Plus Windows & Doors can offer fully certified Metal Technology, Reynaers, Sapa & Technal smoke vents on specific tested profiles, offering delivery of the vent with pre-fitted actuators in accordance with the prescriptive test detail, fully compliant and certified.
Therefore, A-Plus with their partnership with Silver Group, can offer a truly fully compliant solution with windows and actuators fitted together. Both Silver Group and A-Plus have been accredited Certified Partners with SE Controls, in addition Silver Group are also Certified Installers for SE Controls and A-Plus Certified Manufacturers for them.

With these reassurances, you can relax knowing that now your new smoke ventilation and AOV system meets all current legislation when pre-fitted to the correct window system.

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Window Smoke Ventilation 1 – Silver Group

Why A-Plus are the window manufacturer of choice for Smoke Ventilation and AOV systems:

Over 30 years experience to become one of the leading aluminium window fabricators, supplying residential and commercial aluminium products for the fenestration sector.

Ensuring Compliance with Legislation

A-Plus products carry the relevant BSI Kitemarks, “Secured by Design” as well as conforming to the all important EN12101-2.

Why Aluminium Windows?

Improvements in the manufacturing of aluminium windows means that more architects and developers are are opting for aluminium for all their window and vent systems. Advantages being strength, durability as well as being lightweight. Often, aluminium provides the only option to meet the latest architectural specifications to fit with modern day building regulations. Crucially, they are proven to be far more resilient to the high temperatures in the event of a fire.

Window Smoke Ventilation 1 – Silver Group



Smoke is the largest cause of death in fire-related events. Installing a smoke ventilation system means you can fight fire from the outset, often before it’s detected by alarms or humans. 


Maintenance of all fire safety systems is essential. Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover something has malfunctioned. Our skilled technicians are on hand to test all your equipment at regular intervals.


Take care of your fire alarms and they’ll take care of you, for years to come. Our technicians are highly skilled in fire alarm maintenance and will keep you and your business protected 24/7.


Essential for successful evacuations, we design and install emergency lighting tailored to your needs. If emergency strikes, you can rest assured that our lights will guide the way to safety.


For more information about our services across fire, smoke ventilation and security, please download our latest brochure.

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Want to know more about Smoke Ventilation?

For a greater understanding about smoke ventilation and why you must have it and act on it for your business, take a look at our blog.

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